February 15, 2010

Almost back to the grind

Today was not as productive as I had hoped just two days ago, but at least I didn’t sit around all day coughing my head off. I managed to get a nice half hour walk in this afternoon, and kept control of my calories. I am still feeling pretty sick though, so I will not be working out on the Wii just yet. I am now experiencing an ear ache and pain, continued with my persistent cough and sore throat.

I haven’t had the experience of dealing with cold and flu when I am having a regular exercise routine before. The last time I was this active I seemed to be pretty immune to getting most viruses. Maybe it’s because I fought off so many healthy problems for the past 3 years now that I just can’t bounce back as easily as I use to, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older.

I did stay in my calorie range, and had a wonderful dinner of homemade chicken burgers and French fries (Jon fried up some potato slices) and it was all so good. Felt like comfort food that I shouldn’t have been eating, but I could. Don’t you love that?

Today Daily Calories: 1,887 Total Burned: 198

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