March 25, 2010

Weekly Challenge Early - How much time can you add!

I’ve noticed lately that many of you aren’t posting, blogging, or talking about exercising, but at the same time I’m noticing how much everyone is discouraged with lack of weight loss. So, my challenge this week will begin early in order to have it start on Saturday. For everyone person who becomes a follower or comments on my blog I will add time to the daily workout. The time will begin at 45 minutes, and then increase from there. For becoming a follower of the blog I will add 5 minutes to my time, and each person who posts a comment on any of my posts from this week until Saturday I will add 1 minute to my time.
45 Minutes exercise each day for 7 day
+5 Minutes each follower
+1 minute each comment

So, let’s see how much time you can add onto my daily exercising this next week. You have two days and it should only take you 10 minutes or less. If you’re participating in the challenges as well, these rules apply to you too! Let’s get moving!


  1. Well I dont know about this adding time to my workout... however I can say that you have motivated me... I went from working out daily.. to not working out at all.. and now I am back to at least doing crunches every night. I cannot wait to start walking with you and just hope I can figure out my schedule to make it work. Thank you for being my inspiration... and because I love you so much.. I think my comment should count towards 2 minutes :)

  2. Saw this on another blog and thought it would be great for yours... http://www.myfitnesspal.com It gives you one of those cheesy trackers but works so great for your concept!

  3. Awsome...We've added 3 minutes already! Sweet! Robin, I am so glad I am inspiring for you. Thanks for the link Megan!

  4. GOOD LUCK!!! You're doing great! :)

  5. Does it count if I post multiple times.