April 11, 2010

Day 1 Weigh In

Today’s Weight: 287.8

Today is another Day 1 for me. I recently posted about buying a scale for the first time, and then when I went to use it that evening I came to realize that the Wii scale had been weighing me at a much lower weight. So, this will be the day I am posting my true weight from a real digital scale and knowing what the truth is. I have not reached any goals from this, and I feel like crying just thinking about it. But, my journey I am on right now is not a race, and I know that, so I need to refocus myself and come to realize that without professional help I will fluctuate a lot while I am on this life change. I do know that I have lost 2lbs since even buying the darn scale, so I can vary even that much in 2 days.

I’ve also felt that Sunday’s have become more of a better opportunity for me to do a morning weigh in for myself and start a healthy day, so I am going to make that the official day now. I know I have changed it twice now, and I hope I won’t have to change it for any other reason again.

As far as the challenge goes, I am still reeling from this much weight gain in only 10 days, so I am trying to emotionally get back into things. I am feeling a loss of support from all around me, I am feelings discouragement at times, and at other times I feel completely hopeless about all of this. So, I do not have a huge challenge this week. I’m just going to make the challenge about staying motivated.

Challenge: Workout every day from Sunday-Sunday! No time limit, just keep it simple.

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