May 30, 2010

Weigh In & Weekly Challenge

Weight: 280.2

Total Weight Loss: 28.1

I have lost 0 pound this week and a total of 28.1 since January 1. I exercised almost every day this past week and this is probably why I didn’t gain any weight. My food choices have been poor, and I haven’t been counting my calories at all this week. My stress level has been incredibly high and on top of that I had a minor cold with several nights of little sleep. I am picking up the pieces this week (after my memorial day BBQ) and starting over on the diet.

Weekly Challenge: Accomplish 3 or more minutes on the Jacobs Ladder. This will really only applies to me this week, so in order to give each of you a challenge I am saying this. Choose a new form of cardio and complete 5 minutes extra on this exercise then you would do on your usual exercise. Just 5 minutes, you spend that watching commercials during just one 1-hour T.V show, or you take that long talking on the phone trying to say goodbye to someone, and we usually spend more then that driving from place to place. Good Luck!


  1. Hello challenge... I am awesome!! I can do the Jacob's ladder I can I can I can. You are the best gym buddy ever!!