June 04, 2010

Daily Food Myth

Myth #15: The only way to eat healthier is to spend more time in the kitchen.

In an ideal world, we'd grow our own food, know our farmers, make every meal from scratch and know exactly how our food was prepared. Does that take a lot of time? You bet! But is that the singular definition of healthy eating? No way. You can still eat healthier without spending hours in the kitchen, especially if you rely on quick and simple recipes, a slow cooker, and other prepared food items that save you time in the kitchen. Canned foods are pre-cooked, frozen veggies and entrees are great in a pinch, and deli-sliced meats or pre-cut fruits can help you save time while still eating healthier. There are plenty of shortcuts that will help you eat healthier without investing more time into your meal preparation.

Myself: Ok, so I recently heard a story of a friend who was eating canned Green beans and special K bars and skipping dinner because she didn't have time. This is so dedicated to her! Green beans are great, bring some granola and yogurt with you. Special K bars are also awesome, but have some hard boiled eggs to take with you. I will soon go more in depth on the topic of on the go eating, but meal preparation is key to keeping up a healthy lifestyle and it doesn't need to take hours in the kitchen to happen.

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  1. What an amazing food myth... and I sent the link to our certain friend.