June 21, 2010

Day 1 of The Biggest Loser Meal Plan

I’m feeling very tired today, so I fell asleep on the couch until 9 knowing that Julia would be sleeping in. I got up and began to feel hungry. My first instinct was to find something quick and easy to make, and then I remembered I had the meal plan to follow today!

So, I made the Southern Start that was oatmeal and peaches. I substituted quick cooking oats instead of the steal cut oats (can’t afford time and cost of these) and forgot the milk as well. Overall I wasn’t too impressed with the meal, but I am full so I can say it kept me from going back to the fridge.

For lunch I had to make this incredibly time consuming soup/stew to make, so I began making it before I even had my snack! The soup was amazingly good and spicy, and there was a ton of it leftover for Jon’s lunch and snacks. He of course loved this. I got pretty hungry while making it though, so had my snack, which didn’t really curb the hunger. So I had the stew and the salad along with it, and was good until later in the day while we were shopping at Costco.

The snack before dinner was suppose to be a protein shake, but instead I cheated and had some of my cheesecake I had made for father’s day. Of course I couldn’t have had the shake anyways because I didn’t have any of the actual protein to put into it. Dinner took awhile as well because we came home late from the store, and had to get Julia taken care of who was also famished. I suppose I need to be more observant of her hunger cues as well as my own during this, because she’s going to want to eat a lot of different foods then I am going to be eating. This will be a struggle each day. By dinner time we had steamed broccoli with garlic, tomato and green pepper salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and 2 flank steaks cooked. I cut about a third of mine off and gave it to Jon to cut up for Julia (who had already had a hotdog, strawberries, and a hard boiled egg). I managed to actually feel fulfilled by all of this and made sure to give Jon a serving of the stew to make sure he was as well. I did have another cheat later (emotional eating) with another slice of cheesecake! It’s gone now, so no more for me!

The first week also consists of the exercises, so I headed out to the gym tonight to get those in along with an hour of cardio. The exercises were more invigorating then I thought they would be, in a sense that my heart was pounding a lot more then I thought they would and my muscles screamed a little more then I thought they would too. I managed to do a whole minute of push-ups as well! Overall I am going to be feeling very good tonight, and think tomorrow will prove to be even more interesting!

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