October 06, 2010

Lacking the Motivation from The Biggest Loser

As I watched Biggest Loser weigh ins last night I realized I am not on the same level as they are and have no chance of losing as much weight as they (the biggest loser each week) are. I indeed knew this when I challenged myself to lose as much as that person each week, and I certainly knew that I wouldn’t be working out 3 hours a day either. So, why did I challenge myself? I think this is one of those times I have given myself a goal that is too much to accomplish and I ultimately have let myself down. This happens a lot in weight lose and in life, but in the long run I have to pick myself up and really be proud of what I have done and stop pushing myself so much. I have to remember that this is a lifestyle change and not a contest or a diet – this is real life!

I am not as excited about Biggest Loser as I usually am. Maybe I haven’t connected with the contestants yet, or maybe it’s the format change they are doing right now, but each week I feel disappointment that the challenges are lacking in motivation and the workouts are just an all out gross factor (puking) instead of showing us the actual sweat and effort that goes into it. So, I will keep watching and hope that they give me more to motivate me, but for now I feel like it’s a drama fest reality show with no real guts to it yet.

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