October 21, 2010

Operation: Get me Motivated!

So, I have been way slacking on my weight loss goals. I have many legitimate excuses, but alas they are all just excuses. But, just so you know them, here they are. First of all, I have been sick with a pretty intense chest/sinus cold and was down for the count for a couple of days. I have found that when I am in need of my inhaler it’s probably not a good idea to go and run on the treadmill. Other things in the way have included lack of time and getting prepared for a new part time job. Today I start that job, and this will of course cause even more lack of time in my already cramped schedule. But, the rainbow on the horizon is that GYM BUDDY is back and ready to set forth on her goals!

So, I am working towards becoming way more motivated again and of course in my own fashion I will become overly organized about the entire thing just to get my butt in gear. First step is to print out my running plan for Gym Buddy and I. Then, I should be set up to plan my gym and work schedules around each other. I may have to start going in the mornings and dropping Julia off in their daycare room at the gym. This is not ideal for me, since it is cold and flu season and this room does not seem to get a major wash down on a regular basis. I’ll have to find the times when there are less children in there. :)

So, I need your help now! Please, write an inspirational comment on this post. Give me your best Ata’ Boy speech, pep talk, butt kick’n, whatever! And give it to me good!


  1. Being healthy is a long, lifetime road. It will have its peaks and its lows, but the fact that you even wrote the above blog shows that you are focused on it even when your focus isn't completely geared towards it entirely. This is a good base for a long and healthy lifestyle! Now get back out there, recover from this slump and show us what ya got!!!!

  2. I have missed you at church (since WE have been gone so much) YOU are looking great girl. Good luck with the job today.

  3. Thanks ladies! Keelie, that was a great pep-talk! I think I almost felt the slap on the butt at the end. LOL Planning to go tonight with Gym Buddy!