February 26, 2012

Weigh-In (Finally)

Weight: 223
Weight Lose = 5 pounds
Total weight loss = 22.5 pounds

Bust: 43.5” – 43.5”
Chest: 39” – 39”
Waist: 39.5” – 39”
Hips: 48.5” – 47”
Total inches lost = 2” inches

I have so much to share that I can’t possibly bring it all into one complete thought at the time of night and in such a hustle to get this post shared with everyone. So, I’m excited for the 5, not as much as I could be for 6.5, but it’s a great loss and it’s going well! I have lots to share, and hopefully will get some great tips and stories posted for you all to read soon.

I conquered the Jacob’s Ladder this past week, and this is the picture I have to share today!

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