December 28, 2009

My husband

So, yesterday I posted how my wonderful and loving husband sometimes encouraged from the couch with a coke in his hand. Well, apparently he was awfully insulted by this and I wanted to recant my statement. Jon is a wonderful and loving husband who ALWAYS supports me in whatever I do. He's even said he will help cook healthier meals, use the Wii fit, and we will both get healthier for our family.

Those who know Jon though know that he's only got about 20 lbs before his chiseled body returns. He was skinny all his life, and once he hit about 28 he had a harder time with some weight gain. BTW, he's only gone up one pant size since high school. LOL. He is the most amazing man, and will walk, run, skip, or jump next to me through this whole adventure.

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