December 28, 2009

Comments on Comments

It’s been very cathartic to share with all my friends about the pursuit. I’ve decided NOT to share the actual number of my weight until I am finished. I will share the BMI that the Wii fit gives me, which is uncomfortable enough.

I love the comments I have began to get from all of you. Remember to become a follower of the blog, so I know you are all reading along. For those of you who haven’t know me for long I want to share that I am a yo-yo weight looser. I know exactly what to do when it comes to exercise, eating right, and all the other aspects of weight lose. My problem though comes when I have overwhelming stress and I turn to my long time friend, food. I have hundreds of recipes to choose from, and I think the only thing I may be lacking is that gym membership with a personal trainer I had once upon a time.

Please continue to follow along the painful struggles of my weight lose, and please add your own stories along the way. Most of my comments have added in that they will join in on loosing their extra weight too, so let’s get moving!

On a side note, Jon and I will also being starting Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey through our church. This is another life change we are making. Learning to budget and save our money more efficiently. Since I haven’t been working for over a year now our income and lifestyle have change hugely. I will comment some about our success with this undertaking along the way.


  1. You are so sweet to recant your comment about Jon. You encouraged me so much Rebecca! I had started training for a half marathon a couple of months back. I got sick about a month ago and just stopped the training. After reading your blog last night, I got up off my butt and ran 2 miles today. The half marathon is January 24th, so I only have 4 weeks. I lost a lot of time being sick and then lazy. The most I have ran is 6 miles, so I have a lot to do in 4 weeks! I am excited to this along your side Rebecca! Eric and I are doing the financial peace also! ~Kristina

  2. wow, that is so wonderful to know that I was inspiriing! Thank you for that. When I get sick the same demons visit me too...good luck with your running! See you at clss too.