December 27, 2009

The Program

Well, it’s the beginning of the week tomorrow. Yes, I start weeks on Monday. I have 5 days left before the mission begins. For Christmas my mom gave me the Wii EA Active 30 day challenge game. It’s basically a more advanced wii fit. I haven’t used it yet, but I have thoroughly read the manual, and of course my thighs are too large for the absurdly small leg strap that holds the num-chuck controller. Ok, side note, if you are reading this and you have never heard of the Nintendo Wii and or never used one you are severally lacking in experiences with technology. To learn more about the Nintendo Wii, click here.

So, the plan that I have half heartedly thought out is to get up at the insane hour of 6:00 am after Jon has fed Julia and put her back to bed. This of course doesn’t always go smoothly, and I will have to see how long this schedule will hold up with the recent refusal of nap times from my darling daughter. After dragging, hauling, and physically yanking myself down the stairs and pouring a gallon of coffee down my throat I will unhurriedly motivate myself into beginning the 30 day challenge with my Wii Fit. I also plan to get outside on the dry days and take walks with Julia, adding to the more physical lifestyle I’m attempting to have. Saturdays I may drive into Portland as well to walk dogs and Julia with my mom (gas money providing).

On top of this drastic change in my daily schedule I will begin to change my eating habits. The first few days may not be as structured and cleansing as I would have hoped for. (Grocery shopping occurs after pay day, the 5th of each month.) So, I will have to work with what I have in the house. Meaning of course I have to work on getting all the detrimental cuisines (i.e. chocolate, bacon, and soda) out of the house away from harms way (my butt).

I am scared, nervous, excited, and very pessimistic about the endeavor I am about to embark upon. I have little will power and a lack of support going into this. Not that people aren’t there to tell me good job and agree with what I’m doing, but most people find out your on a diet in the middle of eating a cheeseburger in front of you. Or any other craving I may be having at the time. My amazing and loving husband supports and encouraged me with everything I do, but at times it’s from the couch with a can of Coke in his hands. My other fantastic supporter is my mother, and she is also beginning a more active lifestyle again, but her schedule doesn’t always give way to face time.

2010 here I come with a declaration of change! I do not sit here announcing no more junk food, but stating that I am making an effort to become a healthy and more active person. I am going to make the move towards moderation of the delectable, and a step away from the fatty, salt loaded fast foods.

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  1. I am so proud of you! Please don't give up. It will be a lot of hard work, but you are a mommy. I know you can do hard work. Start out slow on your excercise. You don't want to hurt yourself. Walking is great. Julia will love it! You don't have to wait until Julia naps to work out. Just teach her from the very first time, that this is mommies time to work out. Give her some toys and be consistant. It will take a little bit for her to understand, but she will. 18 month olds are pretty smart. Just remember to be consistant with her. You never know... she might start doing what you are doing and it can be a game! I need to work harder at excersising and eating better. I sit here typing this with a very full stomach of pumpkin pie. Don't go cold turkey without some of your favorite foods. You will just start craving them...badly! There is nothing wrong with a LITTLE piece of chocolate. I love you and I am proud of you. I am going to do this right along with you! ~Kristina