January 10, 2010

Avoiding Temptation - Dedicated to Pastor Ron!

Today I truly felt the word of God spread over me. I’ve always said that I was directed towards my church for a reason, and today I heard that reason once more. The sermon today was about temptation. I felt so much of the words directed at me. Temptation from sloth and over indulgence were not necessarily the main point of the sermon, but I knew God was speaking to me in these words. The past two years have been a lot of learning in the lesson of defeating temptation, and the message I got from today was that Jesus as our savior teaches us that temptation can be avoided.

For those of you who have known me longer then a couple of years, that first paragraph were not a common language for me to spout. I am so thankful for my religion, and the church I attend. I feel so strongly that if it was not for this body of people our family would not be whole, and I would not be able to make these changes in myself during this time. So, for those of you who are not so religious, take it to heart that we all need to learn to walk away from temptation a little more in our daily lives. I’ve always felt like I had a little devil sitting on my shoulder telling me it was ok to eat just one more, or go for seconds when I just didn’t need to. Look at your own devil on the shoulder and remember that there are far worse temptations to have to walk away from then food.

Today’s meals have not been planned or thought out in any way. We attended 3, count them 3, birthday parties today. When I think of birthday parties I think cake, ice cream, and pizza. Well, I managed to get only one out of three there, but for two meals. Yes, I had pizza twice today, but for all those birthday’s I didn’t get a single slice of cake. Oh well, I suppose it’s for the better. I did how ever manage to get a plate of salad involved in all of that, as well as some healthy cereal. Tomorrow’s another day!

I was loaned today some biggest loser workout videos, and thought about going through one of them. But, it was only a thought since I am so tired and have worked out two days in a row. My calendar does say it’s suppose to be a rest day, so I am going to bed early and working out in the morning. I had another person today tell me that reading my blog has inspired them to workout. I love hearing that so much, and it inspires me so much more to keep up my end of the bargain. Thank you all!


  1. Yikes! 3 birthday parties! I went to a going away party for Zane yesterday. He is the son of a friend of mine from High School. He is going into the Army next Tuesday. Of course I did eat all the goodies there, but I walked away with a MAJOR headache. I think that is my body's way of saying "don't eat that crap!" God is amazing isn't he? I am so glad that you were open to hear God's words. Have a good day!

  2. yeah....it was a crazy day for us! If I hadn't been going from party to party I would have had goodies too, and yeah our body does tell us things like that.