January 01, 2010

Friday Night weight in

Tonight I completed my second workout. I turned up the intensity this time from easy to medium. I really have no idea why, and now that I sit here aching I am wondering why even more. My feet scream, my thighs are aching, and my arms are throbbing. Before hand I used the Wii fit to get my starting BMI. It had been 3 months since I had checked that, and cheerfully it tells me I had lost 8 lbs in that time. WOW!

During my workout tonight I struggled some, and had to stop a couple of time to get my barring. At one point I even walked away to shed some tears from my frustrations. It was during kick-backs, running on the track. I was suppose to do these damn kick-backs at fast pace and it just kept telling me I was to slow. I just wasn’t able to get it going any faster then I was going. On top of it I was feeling all my muscles straining to keep going. I took a second, and allowed myself the short melt down and went back to work. There was no reason why I couldn’t finish, so I did even when it wanted me to do them again!

Today I ate the doughnuts I confessed up to, some scrabbled eggs with ham; onions; and cheese along with a spoonful of hash browns. For snack during the rose bowl we had popcorn. Not exactly the smart choice since the sodium level is way high. And, for dinner I cooked up some chicken in garlic and tossed it over the left over salad we made that had spinach, tomato, broccoli, and red leaf lettuce. I’d have to say the choices we made were overall well today. Of course it will get better once I get to the store to get more food!

Today’s weigh in
BMI: 52.73


  1. Great job Rebecca! Pulling through the pain! Working out is not only physical but it is mental also. It is okay to take a little break! Good choice on the dinner you had. It sounds very yummy! I went to the club to run and my goal was 7 miles. It was SO HOT in the treadmill room I only made it 2.3 miles. What a disapointment! If it would of been nice and cool in there like it normally is, I am pretty sure I would of made my 7 miles. So, I went into the other room to ride the bike and I made it 5 miles. It was hot in there also. What is a BMI? You would think I would know such things working at an Athletic Club. Keep going Rebecca! I am right here beside your side! Oh...Aleve works great for me when I am in pain from working out! :) ~Kristina

  2. BMI is your body mass index.....used to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is