January 03, 2010

The weekend update

This weekend has been difficult. My eating habits have been better then they use to be, but not up to par as far as I’m concerned. I was incredibly sore on Saturday from my Friday workout, and was grateful for the day of rest I was given. As far as today goes I am sleep deprived from a restless night with Julia.

Today we ate in small portions, but not the most beneficial of foods. I made breakfast burritos in the morning, which included 1 and half slices of bacon. I skipped lunch unfortunately, and we went out for dinner at Red Robin. I choose a chicken wrap with fries and cantaloupe so that Julia could have my fries and fruit. She only ate the fruit though. We had a disastrous time there, with Jon’s meal being sent back twice and still being burnt the 3rd time it was brought out. The manager took care of our meal for us and also offered us dessert. How could we say no to dessert? I know, I know, I should have just said no thank you and moved on, but we were already going to order something for Julia for all of us to share. So, this way we just didn’t pay for it. I only had a few bites, and Jon was helpful enough to take part in the eating of the chocolate mud pie. Excuses I know, but it was in moderation like I said I would do, and this way I felt fulfilled.

Julia didn’t go to bed early enough tonight for me to complete my workout, so I will get up in the morning and work out instead. I am looking forward to starting the new schedule this way too, so I can get my mind wrapped around the idea of waking up before the crack of dawn. Better make the coffee tonight. If the weather permits I may make the effort to take Julia and I for a walk.


  1. Keep plugging along Rebekah, but DON'T SKIP LUNCH! I have been told to eat many small meals a day. I have been told it helps your metabolism eating that way. I have a hard time doing that because I don't like to constantly eat. What I have been trying to do is, eat breakfast, eat a small snack at 10:30-11:00, then lunch at 12:00 (a small lunch) then a snack at about 3 then dinner. I love dinner, so I struggle with portion control at that time. I would of accepted the free dessert also! I did not get to run today because I worked until 4:45 pm. Hopefully tomorrow. If you are hurting really bad, Aleve works well. Heating pads work well also. You are doing great! I am very proud of you! ~Kristina

  2. yeah, the skipped lunch was due to the nap I had to take and no significant food in the house. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day. :)