January 04, 2010

Morning workout

This morning I woke as Jon was attempting to lay Julia back down for the morning, and needed to hold her myself before she would go down. I stayed up after she was back to sleep, and did my workout. I had to skip one exercise because I just couldn’t do it after all my other muscle burning moves. Not a big deal, I’ll just have to work on getting it. Slept like a log after that for an hour while Julia was still asleep. It’s amazing how much your body does in these seemingly uncomplicated exercises.

I downed my two cups of coffee this morning and shared scrambled eggs and a bowl of oatmeal wit Julia. For lunch, all that was available was leftover French fries, so I split those with Julia while she had her lunch. At dinner time, I made some amazing spaghetti with grownd meat, and some rolls. I didn’t go for seconds! Since we eat so early in the evening I usually have a snack to help with late night cravings, and tonight is my yummy popcorn that has no sodium and a little smidge of fat and calories. I also managed my eight glasses of water!

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