January 05, 2010

January 5

So, I just watched the season premiere of The Biggest Loser. It’s amazing how large the contestants have become. I have always wondered what it would be like to be on the ranch, and actually have that high of intensity for my weight loss. I know I have the capacity to perform at that level and succeed, but I also know that I do not have the emotional capacity to be away from my husband and daughter for an extended amount of time. Let alone my daughter’s ability to be away from me that long, as many of you know. If only I had unlimited resources, and could pay for a personal trainer and a gym membership, as well as a babysitter I would be in prime form. But, God gave me this path to take, and I will triumph over the obstacles that I have.

Today was a rough day in the food column. With little choices in the house to eat, so again it was scrambled eggs and oatmeal. For lunch we were in the car, so I had a Taco Bell Chicken burrito and dinner I tried out the Papa Murphy’s Delight pizza. All the food most likely had too much sodium and fat, but I did make it to the grocery store finally and am filled to the fridge's brim with salad fixings. I also went back to the turkey meats that are so low fat, and when cooked right taste the same as their high fat counterpart beef.

On the exercise front I am well on my way to doing that now. I was up and going to get it done this morning, but unfortunately Julia was too. So, I had to tend to her for the morning. Tonight I have Jon to coach me on though, and help me with the exercise I wasn’t able to do in the last work out. I have many friends who are also working towards a better self, and I’m so glad I can be part of that with them. For all of you who want to be your own Biggest Loser, I wish you sore muscles and hunger pains!


  1. There are many things that come with weight loss. the first step that i have found is that to get where you understand you need to lose weight is a stage of depression... which in turn makes you realize that to be a much happier person you have to start on the journy to be a healthier you.

    There is nothing else that i would want than to be apart of helping you achive your goal in this and i know that you are working at it.

    I also have reached a place in life where stress and depression have forced me to need something other than just trying to eat away the pain because that doesnt work it only makes the situation worse.

    I too am striving for a better me and i dont know how to be happy. since i can remember i have worked on fixing other peoples problems and doing what others wanted of me. i did sports and i ran cross country and track and yes i was amazing at all of what i did but it wasnt for me! and when i did do something for me i stopped doing what others wanted of me which made me less of a person to them and made me think less of myself which made things very hard for me. i stopped working out and doing the things that kept me healthy. Coming to college was something i did to better myself and yes every one wanted me to go but when i didnt join a sport or rush that crushed the dreams of others and something i did for me turned into a failure to others. now that i see that i dont need them to be amazing i have started to work my way out of the whole that i put myself into... it is going to take a while to be back to a healthy me and i am willing to do the work to get there and stay there but the hard part is starting...

    I love you Rebekah! dont give up on your journey.. in the end i am sure it will all be worth it.

    Love always

  2. Megan, we can all do it together. Depression is certianly part of why all of us decide to make the change in our lives. I went threw that for some time before I came out and said I need a change. But, even though I knew I needed to change it still took awhile to make the change.