January 20, 2010

Keeping up the Rhythm!

I had a very successful day with calories and exercise today. I am continuing to drag myself out of bed before the sun even shows its crack…yes, that means before the butt-crack of dawn. I also managed to get my entire workout in before Julia veered her head up from the pillow, and then we had a wonderful day of chase around the house. I am extremely tired though, and have come to realize that it has everything to do with PMS. Even with my workout and my 7 hours of sleep I still needed about two naps today, which didn’t give much energy either. So, I broke out the coffee, but oddly enough that just made me jittery and hungry.

I completed my grocery shopping this evening and have a slew of meals planned out. Even found some Cod fillets on sale, so we had fish for dinner. I am really pleased with everything I purchased at the store, but continue to go over budget with my food. When people say it’s expensive to eat healthy, they are partially correct. I wouldn’t say eating a lot of vegetables and fruits are what make it expensive. It’s when you buy the snack foods, and the add on foods to make your meals healthy. Such as, fat-free yogurt, turkey bacon, low sodium canned foods, and ground turkey in place of ground beef and sausage. So, what I’m saying is to watch out on the “diet” foods and continue consuming 5-6 fruits and vegetables a day.

Total Calories: 1,963 Total Burned: 295.9

Breakfast: Special K cereal & Milk, toast w/ Peanut butter – 685
Snack: Blue Berry Muffin – 180
Lunch: Half serving of leftover Spaghetti – 229
Dinner: Cod Fillet w/ mashed red potatoes & Peas – 534
Snack: Bagel & Cream cheese - 335

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