January 14, 2010

Mental Health & Your Weight Loss

I went over my calorie allowance by 147. My calorie range is between 1,960 and 2,310. I know very well that I shouldn’t feel the way that I do, but after all the hard work of writing down every stupid calorie and all the other digits I still went over! And don’t say it, it’s only 147 calories, and tomorrow is another day. I knew I shouldn’t have had two tortillas with breakfast, and I should have found a healthier snack then peanut butter. So, tomorrow’s another day, and the walk I was going to go on didn’t happen today.

Breakfast: Egg, hashbrown, and turkey bacon burritos (2) – 856 calories
Snack: Special K and Milk – 203 calories
Lunch: PB&J Sandwich and yogurt – 400 calories
Dinner: Shrimp Salad and Texas toast – 628 calories
Snack: Celery & Peanut Butter – 371 calories

This morning I woke up even though I REALLY didn’t want to, and took a shower and did my workout. I was so tired this morning, but I was so glad I was able to get motivated. I burned 247 calories, so I suppose that makes up for the extra calories. I also had a fantastic evening with my girlfriend. I actually left the house without my daughter, and I spent an hour out having dinner where food wasn’t thrown at me or refused for no apparent reason. We vented about our life stressors, and we made each other laugh. I really think a large part of anyone’s weight lose is mental health. Major weight loss, or any weight loss for that matter, is not just about the body. It’s about your state of mind. It’s about making a choice to keep that state of mind. If you don’t have a support system, someone to talk to when you need it, that state of mind can change. It’s important to talk through your stress to insure that your weight loss will continue.

In the dawn of social networks I want to make sure that anyone reading this doesn’t just say, “I talk to people about my stress.” And assume that posting about your bad day on facebook is what I am talking about. Because that IS NOT WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. I am talking about face-to-face interactions where it’s hard to choke back the tears when you talk about the latest drama in your life. I’m talking about looking someone in the eyes when they tell you about the arguments they have in their life. It makes us feel human, and not just a group of un-socialized apes. Tomorrow is weigh in day, and I think I may have a good chance of weight loss.

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  1. Gosh... I am wish I had a girlfriend like that.... oh yah I do.... thanks for dinner! I want to do it again and lets not wait too long. Hope you have a great day.