January 07, 2010

Need Encouragement Now!

This week has been extremely difficult. I was mentally and physically prepared for making changes in my life, and motivated to use the Wii for my workouts. What I didn’t expect was that my daughter was not on board with any life changes I needed to make. This whole week has been nothing but sleepless nights, and waking up in the middle of the night with a screaming child. The cry it out method may work to get the point across to her, but it does nothing for my sanity. I feel like the ultimate basket case.

For the most part my diet hasn’t suffered, except for the IV fluids of coffee I have ingested. I have maintained eating well, and not over eating during meals. I have slacked on my exercising, because I am so exhausted every day. And instead of making the exhaustion worse for both Jon and I, I have chosen to go to bed or sleep in instead of working out.

I imagine I can’t get down on myself to much for the extraneous circumstances, but I can’t help but feel like I have no motivation now. Outside of all the advice about sleeping children I have gotten, I really haven’t had a lot of support. My overworked husband has been at his wits-end with fatigue, and can’t muster up much encouragement either. So, I’m asking for all of you to tell me when was the last time you didn’t give up? When did you motivate yourself, and pulled yourself up out of the funk? I need the inspirational stories more now then ever.


  1. Hi Rebekah! I feel your pain, literally and emotionaly! I would love to share with you a few times that I was at the bottom and and had to pull myself up. Unfortuanly they are very private and I don't want to share on an email where every one can read it. I would LOVE to share with you one on one though. I tried to call you the other day, but a message came on saying your number did not accept phone calls. Weird. I will try again tonight. Turn this over to God. What is impossible for God? NOTHING! I am sorry I did not read this yesterday. I usually read this everyday, but Brandon wanted to watch a movie. Have you tried working out when Julia is awake? She might have fun working out with you. Don't give up! This is a journey for you Rebekah. I will call you tonight. If I can't get through, I will send you an email through facebook to let you know when I tried to call. Love, Kristina

  2. Kristina, thanks for your words. Our phone line was being worked on, but it should be working now. Working out with Julia awake isn't out of the question, but it would be difficult. She demands a lot of attention and usually tries to take the controlers when we use the Wii around her. I will give it a try soon and see what happens. We will talk soon.