January 08, 2010

Friday Night weight in

Well, I haven’t gained or lost any weight this week. There goes a plus side to the little devil on my shoulder as to why I don’t need to work out. On the other end of things I have received a lot of motivation from friends, and took a long walk at the mall today to make me feel extra energetic.

During the evening Jon and I experimented with using the Wii fit with Julia around. It wasn’t horrible, but if she hasn’t been tired and ready for her bottle it could have been better. At first she carried around the extra controllers, dancing along with the music, as well as raising her arms every time I did. She was very cute, but then it became more about wanting attention and needing a bottle. Overall, I got the work out in, and no harm done to our sleep for it.

My diet feels like it’s going well. Today I had some scrambled eggs, a whole wheat English muffin with low fat peanut butter, and a yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I had a large grilled chicken salad at Red Robin. We had a gift card to use up, so I also had some chips and salsa and guacamole. With such a large lunch, I wasn’t very hungry for dinner, so all I had was a small turkey burger.

BMI: 52.84 = up .11
So, I take the slight increase here as meaning water retention!

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  1. Great job working out! Just keep it up...one day at a time!