January 17, 2010

Wiener Wraps

How, as those who are attempting to lose weight, do we find healthy choices when none are offered? That was my question today while attending a victory celebration at my church. I was disappointed by the choice of wiener wraps, cookies, chips, and soda for a meal to beak our fast. As a whole, our church body I would say is in need of healthier choices. I am not sure of the reasons behind this choice, but in the past the church has provided Subway for this event. I’m not the first person to jump on the Subway bandwagon, and say they have the healthier options. But, when compared with wiener wraps full of fat and empty carbs I would surely take a turkey sandwich over the wrap. Now, I want to clarify one thing here, the wiener wraps are delicious! If I was a skinny person and had no weight problems, I would have had 2 or 3 of them.

Now of course I could have chosen not to attend the event when I was told this was the menu. But, that is not what the lifestyle change I am embarking on is about. I am not making these changes to run away from so called bad foods, and certainly not going to teach to my daughter that our diet is more important then fellowshipping with our church friends. One other thing, I am certainly not going to turn down a free meal! (Come on, we all are hurting during this recession.) So, Julia and I went up and sat in front of the pile of wiener wraps, chips, and cookies, and chowed down. We ate sensibly of course, her picking whatever tasted good and eating it, and I eating only half the bun and hotdog. I also did not have the whole bag of chips (mostly because Julia was taking them faster then I could eat them.) However, I had 1 cookie all to myself and another split with Julia. Can’t walk away from cookies!

At dinner time I made sensible choices, and made sure to include a salad. We cooked up some pork, and Jon insisted on rice o’roni (not my first choice). I’m definitely hungry at the end of the night though, and plan to drink some water and go to bed to avoid the hunger.

Total Calories: 2,174
Breakfast – Pancakes & Starbucks coffee: 445
Lunch – Wiener wraps, et all: 1,125 (I came up with the value from a separate recipe, and do not know the true calorie intake of the actual wiener wraps that were made. This also includes all other foods.)
Dinner – Pork, rice, and salad: 604

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