February 05, 2010

Friday Weigh In Keeps Going!

February 5 Loss: -4.4
January 29 Loss: -2.1 lbs
January 22 Loss: -4.4 lbs
January 15 Loss: -6 lbs

BMI Today: 49.95
BMI Last Week: 50. 70

Total Weight Loss: 16.9
Well, 4 and half pounds are pretty good compared to last week, and I still wish I could make those numbers larger. I’m still working on making a larger deficient with my calories burned then with my calories consumed.

So, speaking of calories consumed I had pizza and cake for dinner tonight. We went to a family member’s birthday party and it’s usually pizza, soda, and cake when that goes on. One serving a family sized pizza from Papa Murphy’s is 1/12 of the pie. So, I cut that piece into half, and tried four different types of pizzas. I also had a large salad with that, and had the tiniest piece of cake and shared it with Julia. While I was eating all this greasy food I was feeling a little guilty, but knew there wasn’t much I could do about it.

After we left the party I asked Jon if he was still hungry, and we both agreed we felt this empty feeling even though we had eaten plenty of food. This is a common occurrence with “fast food”, where we eat and eat until we feel full and consume twice as many calories as we should have. I had 700 calories with pizza and salad and still felt hungry afterwards. So, even though I feel hungry I know I do not need to eat anything else. I’m not sure the medical reason behind the hunger, but I know that it has so much to do with not being a balanced meal and home cooked.

Total Calories Today: 1,855

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