February 06, 2010

Mamma Walk'n

I have been feeling so great to have motivated a small amount of people, and am glad to see those people being healthy and making new choices in their lives. One person I haven’t been able to motivate as much is my mom. When I was working and didn’t have a child I would always visit her on Saturdays to walk our dogs together, and that routine had stopped when Julia was born. So, today I reinstated that walk.

I got Julia up slightly earlier then she usually wakes up herself, and Jon and I got all of us ready for the day. We loaded the stroller, the baby, and the dog into the car. I dropped Jon off at work and got to work getting my mom motivated. My mom works for tri-met and is a MAX driver. She works the late swing shift, and usually doesn’t get to bed until around 2 am or later. So, needless to say it’s a little unfair to wake her up so early for a long walk in the cold morning, but I did. With three dogs in tow and the stroller loaded with Julia and a blanket we went down the bike path at Gateway. We walked for about 30-45 minutes and got about a mile and half in. She even seemed to appreciate the walk, even if she did have to wake up early for it.

I really enjoy changing things up in my routine. I feel like I’ve become complacent in my life when I do the same thing two days in a row. It’s difficult for me to have a daily schedule too, since I don’t always like to do the same thing every day. I suppose I should attempt to make a schedule for each day, right?

Since I was so busy this morning and then so tired I didn’t seem to eat a lot today. I only had my three major meals and an evening snack. Meaning, that I didn’t have enough carbohydrates, fats, or calories, but enough protein for the day oddly enough.

Total Daily Calories: 1,427

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