February 12, 2010

Friday weight & Sick

February 12 Loss: -2.4
February 5 Loss: -4.4
January 29 Loss: -2.1 lbs
January 22 Loss: -4.4 lbs
January 15 Loss: -6 lbs

BMI Today: 49.53
BMI Last Week: 49.95

Total Weight Loss: 19.3

I’ve been sick for most of this week, and have had little exercise besides what I at the beginning of the week. I haven’t been over eating, but tonight we did take the easy route and have a take and bake pizza. I’m proud of having any weight loss this week, and know that I am doing the best I can with what I have in me.

When I went to the doctor this week about being sick of course I had to step onto the dreaded scale. The last time I was at the doctor was back in August of 2009. Since that last visit I have lost 30 pounds! Before I even began my journey I was already walking into it without even knowing. Somehow I was already on the right road, and now I’m just in control of the speed.

Since I’ve been sick this week I haven’t been completely keeping track of the calorie intake. I start to at the beginning of the day, and then just run out of energy to finish counting the end of the day foods. I guess I’m just in a school zone of my journey this week.

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