February 13, 2010

Still Sick - Day 4!

Well, today I continue to be sick, and am missing the walks and the morning workouts. I am also missing a good night’s sleep due to being sick. It was difficult to be home alone with my sickly daughter as well. We were both tired from coughing all night, and it’s so much harder on her because she can’t communicate how she feels besides being naughty.

I did well with food, but continue to not count my calories due to lack of energy. I am hoping to be back in the groove of things by Monday. But, I also know that if I’m still not sleeping well at night I have to take it light. Another thing I need to start focusing on is my blood pressure. Since I went into the doctor’s with cold medicine in me and feeling very sick it was hard to know what caused my blood pressure to be high, but I do have a history of a bouncing blood pressure. Once I am feeling better I will go in and have it checked, and then I’ll see if anything needs to be done about it. Knowing that I am working on my self with such focus gives me a good feeling that even if I do have to take some medication for awhile, it won’t be for long.

Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m going to have sushi for dinner and go to a movie with Jon. I am going to indulge myself and have popcorn at the movies, but not have the large like I use to get. And, of course no soda but water to go with my popcorn. I hope everyone has a great day with their loved ones tomorrow.

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