February 03, 2010

Making good choices

It’s remarkable when you make changes in your life how quickly those changes become so adaptable to your life. Taking a different route to work, rearranging the furniture in your house, eating healthier, or making a budget for your financial well being. I’ve found that my healthy living changes have become almost second nature to me. I find that I am becoming more capable of making the right choices, and just knowing what is good and what is bad for me.

Instead of having the sandwich at Subway I choose the salad, but I did have the cookie. I don’t want to be someone who continually says no to my cravings all the time. But, by having the salad I was able to give in to the cookie. Now, the food choices are coming much easier then the exercise routine does. I find that there are certain times in the day that I feel much more inclined to workout, and they usually are not the most convenient times. So, I latterly have to find any speck of motivation in the mornings to work out, and well if I haven’t done anything exercise by the evening I really have to make Jon kick me in the butt. (Thanks for that by the way Jon.) The times I do feel like exercising are said to be some of the best time in your day to get your heart rate pumping, the afternoon. Now, a lot of the times this is a convenient time for me because Julia is bored and wanting to get out of the house. The inconvenience of it is that at least half the time it’s raining. So, about half the time I get some of the best exercises in my day, and about the half the time I have snack and sit on the floor playing with toys.

Overall though I am pleased with my mindset and how well I am feelings these days. I have a long journey ahead of me still, and am hoping to make each day a new challenge for myself.

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