February 02, 2010


I took such a long walk today and had such a long evening that I have to take a mental health day from the Wii tonight. I usually get up in the morning and work out, but I got up this morning took my shower and was just too worn-out that I knew I wouldn’t have the impact that I could.

So, I slept in this morning and later did house work during nap time, and took an hour long walk that I estimate was almost 2 miles long. I suppose I should have gained more ground in that amount of time, but like I said my fatigue has taken over. Later in the evening Julia was on my lap wiggling around and wacked her head against my lip. All of a sudden my lip in bleeding buckets and I see in the mirror I have a split down the inside of my lip. Luckily it wasn’t deep enough to need stitches, but it was pretty swollen and a lot of blood. So, with that much stress I am making this excuse to not workout tonight.

Daily Calories: 1,841 Total Burned: 349

Breakfast: 1 egg & turkey bacon burrito – 330
Snack: 1 cup sliced canned pears – 180
Lunch: Left over Spaghetti – 394
Snack: Whole wheat English muffin w/ Low-Fat Peanut butter - 335
Dinner: Turkey burritos - 603

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