February 17, 2010

When to know if you should exercise during your cold/flu

Exercising when you’re sick is a huge gamble for most people. You feel like you’ve been so diligent with your new routine and stopping that routine for a couple of days can really take the enthusiasm out of your goals. So, how do you know if you should take a nap or go for a jog?

Since I’ve been sick this has been a huge question for me. How do I know when I’m ready to get back on the horse and get back to my hard work? The first few days I decided that any fever, body aches, or couching was just a blockade to any exercise for me. Once my fever was gone, and I no longer felt like I had been thrown around in the boxing ring I felt like I could do some limited exercise again. So, I began to take my walks outside, but not at a fast pace. I was coughing still, and continue to have a cough today. So, making sure not to increase my congestion I kept the intensity low, and just went for a slightly longer time.

So, how long do I go on this limited exercise routine? Well, since I have a cough and it appears that this was a flu bug (hello, I got a flu shot!) this may linger around for another few days or longer. Even though regular exercise is said to increase the body’s immune system, but I seem to have a long ways to go before I can fight off the flu with my exercise.

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