March 26, 2010


Amendment to this coming week's challenge. Comments made on each post by EACH person counts, but not how many times that person comments on 1 post. This is in order to bring more people to the blog and help spread the word of getting healthy. If said person would like to comment on each post from the past week, this will count.


  1. I am so sorry to have not commented publicly Rebekah. I know that i comment to you in church or on Facebook--but here goes. You are doing great and we both notice the difference in your body. I will uphold you in prayer (do the same for me). I have found that my weight is harder to come off than my younger neighbor--but this time it is for good!

  2. Oh no need for appologies Sharon, you are one of few who always gives me encouragment! We are both on a life changing journey, and I know you are there. Thanks for posting and reading! I will always be upholding you in prayer. Thank you so much! By posting this week you've added 1 more minute to my workouts, thank you!