March 26, 2010

One more day of this Challenge and then on to the next!

I managed to get in an hour of exercise today, but not enough calories burned. So, this makes me frustrated and at the same time excited to see how much time everyone has added on to the exercises for next week. So far there has been about 15 minutes added on, which brings the total up to 1 hour now. One more day to add time to the challenge, and I know that you guys can bring it on!

My exercise today consisted of an hour walk in town that was slightly over 2 miles and of course was more challenging coming back up the hill in town then going down it. I’m going to attempt to find some time to fit in some more exercise, but that’s depends on many factors.

Total Calories Burned:866
Added in a 25 minute DVD workout to add in those extra calories burned.

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