March 27, 2010

Weigh in - Living Proof!

I am living proof that an hour a day makes the difference!

March 27 weight: 277.3 -7.7 pounds
March 19 weight: 285
Total Weight Loss: 30.6

I’ve lost 7.7 pounds in 1 week and am over that unconstructive program I felt like I was on. I can show you all now that this daily activity with huge amounts of calories burned is where the weight loss is at. I am feeling so good about my challenges now, and know that the change I made has paid off!

Now, for the challenge, how much time have we added to this week’s workouts? I will post the results tonight for how long my exercising will be for the week each day.
Weekly Challenge: Workout for a total of 45 minutes each day, plus the time you readers have added onto the start time. So far we are at 17 minutes added on. Let’s see how much more we can add on by the end of the day!

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