March 01, 2010


I have no excuses for how I ate today! I should know better, and should not fall back into bad habits for no good reason. Okay, now that I got that out and berated myself enough I can move on and pat myself on the back for the hard workout I did this evening to make up for the bad eating of the day.

It all started off well enough, but then I walk into a hospital cafeteria and all the feelings of being in a hospital come back to me and I go for the large cookie worth 480 calories! Then because I already feel bad enough for eating the cookie we get a take and bake pizza for dinner. But, my wonderful husband made me a salad to go with my pizza and I had half a serving of dressing on it. Way to go! Well, tomorrow is another day and I’m just going to have to work out a little harder this week to make up for all the junk that continues to find its way into my mouth.

Daily Calories: 2,220 <-- Way to much!

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