February 28, 2010

Home cooking is better!

Well once again I went threw a drive-threw today because it was unavoidable to keep the hungry monster away. We went to Taco Bell and I had the drive threw diet meal of two fresco ranchero chicken soft taco. The meal was 370 calories, but wasn’t as satisfying as a home cooked meal could have been.

I know I keep saying this, but home cooking is cheaper, healthier, and more satisfying then eating out even at most of the sit-down restaurants. (If I had endless amounts of money I could go to those sit-down restaurants that satisfy my hunger with well cooked food and not just fat and salt.) Eating out cost over twice as much as what it would be if you are able to cook at home. Eating out has an overload of sodium, carbohydrates, and fat, even if it does say its low calories. Eating out is filled with sodium and fat to cater to your taste buds and fool you into thinking you’re full even to find out two hours later you aren’t.

Home cooking gives you so much more! You can almost eliminate sodium when cooking. By home cooking you can measure out and have smaller portions and more variety of foods during your meals. When you cook at home you are able to taste and try new foods, different foods, and have your comfort foods when ever you want without feeling any guilt for what you ate.

Tonight I chicken burgers and mac & cheese. I over indulged in the mac & cheese, so that added 400 calories, but overall the meal was so wonderful and no loaded with sodium.

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