February 27, 2010

Eating Out is Not conducive to Your Diet

Let me just start by saying I haven’t eaten out this much in one day for a long time, and I will be paying for it for just as long I’m sure. Let’s just begin with a look at what I had to eat for the day, and then you can be disgusted with me.

Breakfast: 3 ¼ Pancakes with light syrup: 375
Lunch: Red Robin Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, And Avocado Croissant Sandwich (no mayo): 609
4 Onion Rings: 297
½ dozen fries: 109
Dinner: Burgerville Grilled Chicken (w/ BBQ Sauce) Sandwich: 321
½ serving fries: 180
8 oz of Barg’s Rootbeer: 160
Snack: Nonfat Chai Latte @ Starbucks: 190

When I began to calculate everything up, especially the Red Robin food, I was so appalled with myself! This is not my normal behavior anymore, and to be honest it could have been avoided. But, for lunch time I was out with my mom and Julia was really enjoying her grandma time, so we went to lunch at Red Robin because it’s kid friendly and let’s face it, good food. I went onto their web site to get all my information, and looked up to see if I could have made any better choices, and it really wouldn’t have mattered if I had chosen a salad over a sandwich. The salads were so large, served with bread, and adding my favorite dressing, ranch, would have been even more calories then what I had with the sandwich. During dinner time Jon had to work late at a home and garden show, so we grabbed a quick dinner at let’s face it the healthiest fast food joint in town, Burgerville. This particular one prints out the nutritional facts with your recipe, so I had it all in hand when I sat down tonight. Very handy!

So, what’s the grand total of today’s dinning out adventure?
Total Daily Calories: 2,240

Not bad for what it all was I suppose, so I can’t fault myself for that. Plus I did a lot of walking today, once in the morning with my mom (about 2 miles) and then again at the mall for about an hour at a medium pace. Tomorrow is another day!

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