March 14, 2010


Today I am issuing a statement. I am not going to post every day about how my day is going, but I am going to show my food diary, and I am going to have a weekly challenge for myself and all of you who are reading my blog. I feel like I am hitting a wall again with weight loss. I am practically back to the weight I was before I had Julia. I am no longer a stagnating stay at home mom, but an active participant in life. I am active in my lifestyle, and I make good food choices most of the time. But, there is the extra effort that comes with extreme weight loss that is missing for me. I do not know what it is exactly, but I need to find it, and at the same time I need to spend more time away from talking about it.

So, starting next Friday I will post my current weight and a challenge for all of us. I don’t have one significant reason to why I’ve decided to post my weight now, because it’s still a very embarrassing number, but I have come to realize that I don’t remember the number just the weight loss. Hearing the weight loss gives me happiness, but it isn’t as motivating as saying I still weight this much. I’ve also come across other weight loss blogs where people are setting down challenges for their weight loss. Now, they are offering money rewards for these challenges, but I really can’t do that. So, what kinds of rewards are expectable? The only reward I give myself is the knowledge of weight loss and a healthier self. How do you reward yourself?

I hope more people will become followers of my blog and begin to leave comments on my posts about their journeys and how they are helping themselves in life. I think that many of us need more of a support system in life, so lets step up to help each other.

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