March 12, 2010

Opps - It's Friday-Check back tomorrow

I did it again with my workouts! I finished the day with two workouts and a total of 533 calories burned today. During the afternoon I managed to get a 20 minute walk outside before it began to rain again (dang rain!). Then in the evening all three of us played on the wii and I got really intense in the Wii Sports Boxing game and played for 30 minutes and I am super sore after that too.

I made shredded chicken burritos for dinner tonight and they turned out so yummy! The only problem with burritos is that each tortilla is 100 calories each, and I typically have two. All my other meals were nice and balanced though.

WEIGHT IN UPDATE: I forgot to weigh in tonight and I usually retain some water late at night, and it’s best to weight in at about the same time each time. So, I will be weighing in Saturday morning to get the results in.

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