March 11, 2010

Kick'n some Cardio Butt

I kicked some serious butt tonight with my workout! Yesterday I said I was going to get in 2 whole workouts, and today I accomplished that goal! First workout consisted of a 30 minute walk at the mall, and the second workout was the doosey, a 45 minute high impact workout with the Biggest Loser cardio Max DVD. When calculating the calories burned, I estimated that I burned over 1,000 calories today.

I attempted to make eggplant lasagna tonight, but it ended up being vegetarian lasagna. So, a little to many carbs for the evening, but all is well. I think making such a statement like I did yesterday has really given me a good jump start again, and I feel so rejuvenated for my weight loss. I am going to do the same tomorrow! I will have two workouts, with one consisting of my last chance workout.

Daily Calories: 1,566

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