March 19, 2010

Well here is it....My weight in

Weight this week: 285
This was so difficult for me to type and show to the world. I strongly believe that it will motivate me even more, but I just do NOT want to know that people I know judge me are going to read this and know just how bad it's become for me. I hope that this will show everyone that being motivated and working hard towards a goal is what this lifestyle is about. God Bless those who choose not to judge me!

Weight Lost: 22.9 (+2.2 lbs)
I have lost 22.9 pounds since January 1, 2010, and this week I have gained 2.2 pounds.

Weekly Challenge: So, here is the beginning of my weekly challenge. I have been thinking about this all week, and honestly did not have any clue what to write here. I hope to become more creative with these as I come along with them, but this week will be a first for me. My challenge for myself and for all of you is to exercise an hour a day for 7 days straight. This has been an obstacle for me some days, and other days it works right into my schedule. I am going to attempt to burn more calories this week as well, and I also am challenging myself to loose 2 lbs in one week.

Food Log:
Breakfast: French Toast – 547
Lunch: Chicken Meatballs – 390
Dinner: Red Robin chicken wrap & fries – 1,225
Snack: Cookies - 260

Total Calories: 2,422

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