March 21, 2010

60 Minute Work-out!

Today is the first day of my challenge, and I have managed to get in 60 minutes of exercise! My eating though did suffer some because I made some very wonderful enchiladas. Now, these enchiladas would be very healthy for me except for the tortilla that counts as 200 calories for one serving. YICKS!

So, this afternoon I walked for 15 minutes for about half a mile. Then, in the evening time I worked out on the Wii doing Boxing. This is an intense work-out, let me tell you. I start out with a little bit of training to get my skills up, and then I go right into a match against another person whose level is slightly higher then mine. So it takes 3 matches before I can only get to a tie with this person, so then I go into pairing up against Jon for several matches. Then, we go into training again against each other. During his turns I decided to do some crunches and push-ups. So, I did 41 crunches, and then 20 push-ups. Afterwards I did some high leg lifts that work the lower abdomen, but was only able to get off about 15 of those. Now, just a side note when I was heavy into my gym routine back in the day, I was able to get in 100 crunches after a 30 min cardio work-out. Now, it’s like someone has taken my ab muscles and stretched them all out and after I do my crunches it feels like they are spasming as hard as possible. As I explained it, it was like when you laugh so hard that your stomach begins to hurt really badly and the only way to make the pain go away is stop laughing. Anyways, it was an intense work-out tonight, with a total of 45 minutes on the wii and 15 minutes of walking I managed to get in 60 minutes of exercise!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Egg & onion burrito w/ cheese – 340

Lunch: Left over pizza (1.5 slices) & spinach salad – 594

Snack: Homemade French fries- 230

Dinner: Chicken enchiladas & corn bread - 748

Snack: Cake – 243

Total: 2,155 Total Burned: 617

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