April 16, 2010

Delay in posting

Well I haven't posted for 3 days, so sorry! Life has been busy and food and exercise have kinda been put on the back burner. I wouldn't say I've been eating poorly, but just not overly focused on how much I'm eating. Here's my confessions...

1. Tuesday I had take and bake pizza for dinner b/c I was so exhausted. Plus ate about a dozen oatmeal raisin cookies through out the day.

2. Wednesday we had chicken burgers & fries for dinner, and some mac & cheese. Another log day with walks outside and lots of family time.

3. Thursday I had pancakes, cookies, subway sandwich, potato salad, BUT did have taco salad for dinner. We spent the day at the zoo, so I walked for about 2 1/2 hours. Today is a fresh start to the week and I've off to a nice start to it all. I'm drinking lots of water and eating fruits & vegys and complex carbs. 1 more week until my big 10K walk for March of Dimes. I'm certain I can do it! (May need new feet afterwards though)


  1. you can do it girl!!! I know you can and we have all seen the changes that your body is going through..love ya! Sharon

  2. Sharon, you are so wonderful! Thank you. I'm going to try to get some gel insoles for my walking shoes, so it's not so bad. LOL Thank you for your donation to the walk, we will think of you each mile!