April 18, 2010

Sunday Weigh in & Weekly Challenge

Today’s Weight: 290 lbs
Total weight loss to date: 17.9*

* = Weight increased also occurred when changing from Wii scale to Digital Home scale. No weight has been lost since changing to a new scale.

Well, it’s obvious that I haven’t lost any weight; in fact the scale says I’ve gained 2.2 pounds. There is nothing I can do about this today, but my news that will impact this weight gain is that Jon and I have sat down and talked it over and worked it out in our budget to add in a monthly gym membership for me. I have been thinking a lot about it, and through a lot of tears and praying I realized I can not get the results that I need to have just by walking and doing 20 minute workout videos. Although those exercises do have a place in my routine, especially with the wonderful weather, I can not expect to see weight loss every week when all I am doing is moderate exercise.

I am not going to ask for a personal trainer; I can not afford that nor take the adequate time in my life to dedicate that amount of effort for this journey. But, I will work hard at what I learned from the times I have worked with trainers, and I am going to make time to attend group classes that are free and lead by a trainer. This will give my body changes in my routines, and allow me to have variety in my workouts. This has always been a huge problem for me, so having my at home programs and a gym program will really give me a leg up on the weight loss.

So, how am making this happen? Well, I have to give up something in order to be able to take on a new monthly bill. Jon and I feel strongly about staying on budget and working towards becoming debt free, so in order to afford this we have decided to suspended our land-line phone service for the time being (temporarily) in order to adjust for the cost of the gym. I will also have to make other adjustments in our budget, but in the long run becoming a healthier person to have a happier life and set a healthy example to my daughter is more then worth not having people call me at home – I DO still have a cell phone!

So, do I have a challenge for this week? This is me asking myself this question because I haven’t even thought about it. I have recently begun a bible study group at my church, and I am in week 2 of the group. It has become such a blessing to me to hear that spiritually mature women are still learning from their studies, and are still struggling with their walk with God. This has really given me insight into my own walk with God, and how this journey for a healthy life has become part of that walk with Him. The challenge in my group this week was to include scripture into our daily prayers, and this will be incredibly difficult for me seeing as I am still at a very beginning stage of learning my Bible. So, how do I make a switch from scriptures to exercise and diet? Well, as I am writing this I feel that I need more moments of thoughts about my progress and if I am being honest with my calories and with my activity levels. I need to sit and think about how each day is going, and if I need to make any adjustments to my thinking and behaviors. So, my challenge to you is to take time out of your busy life and give yourself 30 minutes of self-thought. It doesn’t have to be focused on your diet or exercise, but on your well being. Focus on learning about yourself, and what your needs are. Take the time to make your health and well-being a priority. Challenge: 30 minutes of self-thought about each day and what you can do to make yourself happier, healthier, and spiritually strong.

Then, if you are able to get focused on your self for a change, see if you can add in that exercise you need, or put away the candy you know you shouldn’t be eating. Have an apple, drink some water, or read your Bible.

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