April 05, 2010

The Start of the Journey is NOW

I’m starting over. Each week is a new beginning. Each day is the beginning of my weight loss. Each meal is a struggle, and each exercise consists of great efforts. I suppose after two days of celebrating Easter my body can not just bounce back and not gain weight. I ate high fat foods, empty carbs, and drank alcohol, and those behaviors just should not occur when you are challenging your body to loose big numbers. I did not win that challenge this week, and the fat took over. I lost of lot oh hope when I saw the numbers last night, and I need to regain the hope and motivation in myself this week, and I am not going to post a challenge or my weight. I gained about 4 pounds and cried for about 30 minutes after this.

My plan this week is to get a real scale, step on it every afternoon to manage my views of my daily progress, and will count my calories very intensely this week. I am going to workout as much as my emotions will allow me. I have such a difficult time with knowing I worked so hard with my exercising last week, making changes, and giving all my effort, and not seeing any results from that effort. So, this week I will focus more on my eating, and step back my focus on the activity. I’m also taking a green tea fat burner supplement in the morning, hoping to counteract any high fats that I consume.

Another disappointment in my journey this past week is how little accountability I had. I did not post about my workouts during the week, and did not share a single food log with you. (Not that I feel like many of you pay attention at times, hint-hint, read more.) My goal is to post every day, but life has to take priority over posting on the blog sometimes.

Please join me in beginning my journey again, and don’t forget that the choices we make in food and activity is important to our emotional and physical health, as well as develops a great example for our children.


  1. You know I really believe in weighing in everyday. It has really kept me on track. And don't cry for 30 minutes when you gain 4lbs. That is silly! Just move on and keep moving on. Take care


  2. Yeah, I'm going to go look for a scale this week sometime. The Wii scale is just to unbalanced! Thanks for your kind words too...it's hard!