April 21, 2010


I weighed in again this morning and feeling very good. I'm also planning to make it to the gym this evening after putting Julia to bed for the night. I've been feeling pretty apprehensive about the gym and it took me awhile to find the courage to add more to my place (and Jon's plate). I don't want to cause any undue stress on either of us, but I think this will happen over time, and I will have to work through that when it comes. Starting next month I'm going to start doing classes too, so I will have to workout a new life schedule for the family. We'll see how that goes. I have to remember that this lifestyle change is about all of us, and making this change is giving me the chance to be a better mom and wife. Being able to have something in my life that is challenging and worth working towards is so important, and I hope my family will feel the same way even when it becomes tough.

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