April 23, 2010

Another gym visit

Made it to the gym tonight again. I'm so excited to be pushing forward again. God has given me so much. I have a new gym buddy, and will soon be working out with her off and on when we can make it work together.

Tonight I attempted this running thing you all keep telling me about on the treadmill. I figured if the people on biggest loser can do it (Like Michael, who weighed over 500 lbs when starting and now it down in the 300s) then I should be able to do the same thing. So, I started off with 1 min sprints half way in the workout, and did about 3 of them. Not bad for the first time out. I had my IPod and realized fast I need a better playlist and some new music. Anyone willing to lend me some CDs to download?

Felt great afterwards, and got home to help finish the dishes, bake a cake for my party tomorrow evening, bake muffins for the walk in the morning, and upload all the photos I took today. And I still feel good.

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