April 25, 2010

Weigh in

Weight: 289 lbs

So, even though this week I was down 4 lbs all week, but after an evening of high fat food and alcohol I retained some water for my weigh in this morning. I have lost -1 lbs this week, and have lost a total of 18.9 lbs.

This week has been so busy and chaotic for me. I started the gym membership on Monday, financial peace Tuesday, shopping on Wednesday, appointments and gym time on Thursday, more shopping on Friday, March of Dimes walk & party on Saturday, and today was Church and bible study. I did make it to the gym twice this week, and of course walked a 10K walk on Saturday. I think if I had been watching the food a little better I would have continue to loose that 4 lbs I had been watching all week.

Challenge: Alright, I am throwing down the gauntlet. I am going to get to the gym 4 times this week and workout 1 hour OR MORE each time. So, workout 4X in the week, with a total of 1 hour for each workout.

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