May 20, 2010

Daily Food Myth

For the next 2 weeks I will give you a food myth and the truth behind it. This information is gladly found at this site if you would like the whole article. I find that small blurbs of information is easier to take in. Included will be my thoughts on the truth and use of it in my daily life.

Myth #1: Frozen foods are less nutritious than fresh foods.

Truth: Flash frozen vegetables, including those found in many frozen meals, may actually be more nutritious than some fresh vegetables. The moment a fruit or vegetable is picked from the farm, it begins to lose nutrients. Because food travels long distances from farm to table in today's global economy, the "fresh" foods at your supermarket can be several days or weeks old. Most frozen vegetables are flash frozen so quickly after picking that they retain most of their health-enhancing nutrients. They can be more economical, too!

Myself: I buy frozen foods in moderation. I find that I can usually get fresh vegetables at a cheaper rate and only buy how much I need. It's cheaper to buy a head of broccoli then to buy it already chopped up and frozen, and same goes for spinach, cauliflower, and any vegys you'd use for stir-fry. Ones that I do find are helpful are mixed vegetable bags. I tend to use these in casserole dishes, such as chicken pot pie. These are much less expensive then buying fresh or canned and are more convenient as well.


  1. I agree... but frozen sweet yellow corn is amazing... but then again I heard that corn is not really that good for you and should only be eaten in moderation. I do buy frozen peas and usually add them to my tuna helper which I mix up sometimes and put chicken in instead of tuna... it adds some spice to my life.

  2. Yes, frozen peas are way cheaper and very usefull! YUMMY!