May 21, 2010

Daily Food Myth

Myth #2: You might as well give up all of your favorite foods if you want to lose weight.

Truth: This common practice can backfire even on those with very high levels of willpower. It's simply unrealistic to think that you can cut out all the foods that you love without ever rebelling. By categorizing foods as good and bad, you're only setting yourself up to want what you can't have. Good-for-you foods feel like punishment and bad-for-you foods are more alluring. Instead of giving up certain foods and forcing yourself to eat others, don't make any food off-limits. With moderation and portion control, you can still eat your favorites without straying from your goals. By allowing yourself little treats, you'll still be able to eat what you love, gradually decrease the intensity of your cravings, and avoid binges that could derail your weight loss efforts.

Myself: I live by this! I can not live a life where all I do is deny myself specific foods. I love food (yes, that's obvious) and I love to cook and bake food. If I couldn't do these things anymore because of the foods I was allowed to eat I would not be successful in this journey I am on. Now, there are foods I have to deny myself for the good of my health, and that is fast food! I do NOT eat at McDonald's at all because of may reasons (some other day and some other post), and I usually only eat Subway, Baja Fresh, Taco Bell (very limited), and a few other "healthy" type chains. Fast food is my nemesis. I have read studies about chemical addictions to fast food, and I was certainly on that train for a long time. I called myself a fast food junkie, because that's what I was. In college I can remember having fast food (not just eating out, but junk food) for every meal, including that midnight snack. After the baby, I frequently ate at least one meal a day that was fast food. I CANNOT have fast food!

As for at home foods, I try to keep the junk foods out of the house, and bake lots of deserts that I share with my friends. This way I am able to have sweets and still keep it in moderation. I also eat pizza once or twice a month. We get take and bake pizza because it's fresher, cheaper, and always feels like it's better for me when I eat at home and have a salad with it. As for the staples of my junk food cravings, chips, I don't have them in the house at all. If I have them, it's at subway in a small back or a few at a friend's house. No more, no less.

Don't deny yourself anything! This is not about a temporary change, this is about a lifestyle. Allowing some indulgences once in awhile is okay!


  1. Food Myth kills me.. I love Cool Ranch Doritos... but I will say that I went home last night and did not touch the cookies. I thought about bringing them to work today and I firmly told myself no and left them on the counter. I am trying.. but goodness. that one yesterday was just AMAZING!!

  2. Avoiding fast and junk food is very useful tip for weight loss.