May 22, 2010

Daily Food Myth

Myth #3: All packaged or processed foods are bad for you.

Truth: It's true that many packaged foods are highly processed, high in calories, sodium and added sugars, and low in nutrients. Just because a food comes in a package does not mean that it is highly processed or bad for you. Brown rice, whole-wheat bread, milk, low-fat yogurt, frozen vegetables, pre-sliced fruit--all of these healthful foods come in packages. Don't write off every food that's packaged. Look at the ingredients list first to be the judge about the quality of the food and its ingredients. Choose portion-controlled items that are made from the most wholesome ingredients and are low in sodium and added sweeteners.

Myself: Since the public has become so vocal about the increased sodium levels in packaged foods many companies have made attempts to decrease the levels in their foods. You can find many of your favorite foods now with no salt added labels or low sodium on them. I make a full attempt to use these labels only when buying canned foods, and most certainly buy other packaged foods that are included above.

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