May 26, 2010

Daily Food Myth

Myth #7: White potatoes are 'simple' carbs that should be avoided.

The low-carb fad of the late '90s still lingers today, and many people still believe that white potatoes should be avoided at all costs. White potatoes are a healthful whole food. Just because they're white doesn't mean they're bad for you. Unlike refined foods like white rice and white bread, potatoes are nutritious, whole, rich in fiber and totally unprocessed. The potato can be a great source of energy and nutrients, including vitamins C, B-6, and folate and fiber (4 grams when you eat the skin). The key is to eat the right portion size and rethink your add-ons (and cooking method).

Myself:Yum, I love potatoes! I love to bake them, chop them up and cook them with olive oil and herbs with other vegetables, and I love them mashed with garlic in them. I never really picked up on the white potato was bad myth, and I don't plan to start.

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